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ION Festival is a 7-day exploration of cutting-edge dance music of all shapes and sizes, located in the hidden gem of Dhërmi, Albania. Not just a music festival, but a destination holiday experience unto itself, we want to provide the opportunity for all to Dance, Explore and Connect in this new frontier, whilst providing incredible value for money.

Our programming allows artists to stretch their limits and play multiple sets across the week. This means they can reach for the corners of their record collections they wouldn’t normally be able to. DJs and punters alike are also encouraged to become properly acquainted with Dhërmi's unique atmosphere that includes outstanding food and drink, wellness, activities, breathtaking natural surroundings and much more. This means they have a full understanding of how to create the perfect soundtrack for every setting across the festival.

A collective experience worth sharing, ION Festival offers you the chance to extend your summer in the company of some of the finest selectors on the planet, exploring an authentic and unspoilt location full of life and culture in the process. Now entering our second year, we’re more ready than ever to further our artistic vision and build on our core values.


ION’s music policy is unbound by genre-limits, instead choosing to put faith in its performers, trusting them to bring the perfect vibe for each moment. A key part of this is the opportunity for DJs to play multiple sets across the week. This gives them the chance to explore the full range of their music collection, playing alternative sets that take themselves, and their audience, to somewhere new. It’s a unique opportunity to fully realise the potential of these world class artists.

You’ll hear a huge range of music at ION, growing out from our nucleus of house and techno to also include UKG, bass, electro, D&B and jungle, dub/reggae, rare disco, ambient and much, much more. Nothing is off limits. Our carefully curated programming means that, whether you’re sunbathing at The Cove, catching a sunset at The Yacht Club or raving til dawn at The Deck, the soundtrack will fit the setting.

We’re also privileged to have free-reign when it comes to sound levels and set times, meaning we can enjoy music at the correct decibels, whether day or night. A point of pride in the ION team is our dedication to sound and production, as we believe this allows the festival to transcend beyond the confines of a regular festival.


With hidden bays, white sandy beaches and beautiful water, Dhërmi is an untouched part of Europe, visited by only the most fortunate. To hold a festival in this quaint slice of Albania is a unique opportunity, so we want to complement and interact with the environment and local culture as much as possible.

Known for its relaxed, friendly atmosphere, culinary excellence and incredible scenery, Dhërmi provides an authentic Albanian experience, unscathed by the mass tourism associated with other European festival locations. The locals are very proud of their home, which is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful spots on the Adriatic coastline, and the experience you’ll have there is unlike any other holiday.

The fully pedestrianised festival site is intertwined with the town itself, meaning that all the stages are located alongside top-tier restaurants, bars and more. This means you’ll never be far away from your favourite acts, ice cold refreshments or your cosy accommodation.

We also offer you the opportunity to explore some of the most breathtaking locations on offer at any festival across the world, with our Canyon and Fort stages. The Fort, located in Porto Palermo beach, is a 19th century abandoned castle on the shores of Dhërmi, just 30 minutes away from the main festival site. High above the sea, this fortress turns into an incredible space for us to all dance together, before the sun sets into the heavenly Ionian sea. The Canyon, meanwhile, is a 15 minute boat ride from the site, after which you’ll arrive at a sandy beach lined with dramatic cliffs. A short walk away, you’ll find our secret stage, tucked in front of an impressive mountain range. Here, you can dance the day away to some of our most renowned selectors.

Food & Drink

The food and drink on offer is a mix between Italian,Turkish and Greek cuisines, with huge emphasis placed upon the use of fresh, local ingredients. The restaurants have spectacular views, are excellent value for money and helmed by friendly staff.


There are several beaches surrounding the festival site, which you can relax and unwind at.

With quiet spots to sunbathe, cocktail bars and plenty of food options, you’re spoilt for choice, wherever you are along the shore.


The Main Stage

An ode to open-air clubbing of old, featuring a wooden dance floor, well stocked bars, a chill- out area with day beds, its own private beach and a stunning mountain backdrop, our Main Stage hosts some of the most in-demand acts in electronic music. Part of the Empire hotel, its beachside location and stunning sound system make it the perfect place to witness the sunrise.

The Deck

A serene beachside bar by day, The Deck transforms into an unforgettable raving experience during the night. As the waves crash against the beach just metres away, you can soak up the sounds of some of dance music’s most gifted selectors, and watch the moon turn to sun just above the booth.

The Cove

The Cove is the ideal place to relax during the day or get your boogie on at night, feeling the beach beneath your feet and swimming in the crystal blue waters as you take in daytime sets or getting your groove on to some of our favourite DJs by night.

Yacht Club

Another stunning location, The Yacht Club is a terrace bar flanked by gorgeous beaches, jutting out into the water for some incredible views along the way. It’s perfect for chilling out with friends during the day or shaking a leg during the night.

The Canyon

Our hidden stage, accessed easily via boat, The Canyon is undoubtedly one of the greatest party locations on earth. With spectacular scenery, including a forest, waterfalls and lush, white-sanded beach, The Canyon is a one-of-a-kind spot that you will never forget, featuring some truly special sets from our performers.

The Bunker

The Bunker is our warehouse space, designed for you to get fully immersed in the music, smoke and lasers. Step away from the world as we take you underground to experience an audiovisual masterclass from some of our heaviest-hitting performers.


There will be a range of wellness activities taking place around site, including but not limited to:


We host daily morning and sunset yoga sessions to help you soothe those aching limbs after a little too much dancing. The sessions are held right by the sea by our expert teachers.


Our expert wellness team will host a variety of meditation sessions, from mindfulness guided meditation to soundscape meditations that incorporate electronic music and ancient instruments. A great opportunity for all abilities, from beginners to experts.

Gong baths:

Take some time out to encounter the ancient practice of Gong baths. An immersive sound experience that primarly uses Gong and Tibetan bowls for relaxation benefits. The sounds produced in the baths help to rebalance and rejuvenate mind, body & spirit.

Are these included with the ticket?

There is a charity donation to join each session and all profits are donated to a local Albanian Charity. Places are limited, make sure to reserve your spot once the 2023 programme is announced.

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