We recommend travelling to ION via Corfu, which offers lower flight prices and an easier, more picturesque journey to Dhërmi. We organise boat transfers from Corfu port to Himarë or Sarandë for passport control, then the final leg of the trip is by bus. The bus, which is included in the price, will drop you off at a location near your accommodation in Dhërmi.

To get from the airport to Corfu Port (Kerkira), the best option is to take a 15 minute taxi. ⁣

Alternatively, you can fly to Tirana but you would have to arrange your own transportation to ION. Taxis from Tirana cost around 70€-100€ per journey. ⁣

You will be able to see the transfer timetable during the booking process. Please note than transfer tickets can only be purchased during the booking process.⁣