Postponement to September 2022

Dear ION family,

Following the most recent travel announcement from the UK Government, we are extremely sorry to announce that ION Festival will not be able to take place in September 2021.

ION is a unique event, during which we will fully take over a working village and turn it into an active and pedestrianised festival site, where we all live and party in a slice of paradise for 7 days.

Despite Albania currently reporting significantly low infections and having no entry restriction in place, the UK Government’s announcement, as reflected across most EU countries, is still advising against traveling there. Whilst we welcome the UK Government’s intention to eventually allow quarantine-free travel from amber list countries for people who are fully vaccinated, there is still no clarity as to when this might happen. With so little time until the event and our position not improving, we are forced to make this heart-breaking decision once again.

We would like to thank our accommodation partners who have been hugely supportive towards ION throughout. As you know, all packages to the festival are sold with accommodation in the village / festival site. This vision brings us all together in close proximity, guarantees accessibility and crucially, ensures that we are able to manage hotel prices to represent an extremely cost-effective clubbing holiday. However these partners are now at a point where they need our full commitment and where significant payments are necessary in order to proceed. This represents a huge financial risk for us, which is not helped when the outlook is so changeable and there is no insurance.

We fully appreciate that this news will be hugely disappointing to many, however we feel that postponing the festival is in the best interests and fairest to everyone who has committed to coming. We look ahead to 2022 with optimism and excitement and the chance to welcome you all to Dhërmi for an experience none of us will ever forget.

What are my options?

Option 1: Move your booking to 2022 - any amounts paid, except the deposit, will be automatically refunded

Option 2: Cancel your booking and receive a refund

Is there a deadline to decide?

We have emailed you a form on 25th June and we ask that you submit your choice by 15th July. Those who do not complete the form will have their booking automatically moved to 2022. This will mean a full refund on any paid amounts above the £50pp deposit.

What are the dates for 2022?

ION will take place from 7th - 14th September 2022. It’s safe to say that our long-awaited adventure is going to be a truly special one!

Will the line-up remain the same?

We are in talks with the artists about the new dates. While we cannot guarantee that all of them will be able to perform next year, we are working to have most of them back, plus a few extra additions.

Can I keep the same accommodation?

Where possible we will try to ensure that all bookings remain exactly the same. Although please be aware that in some cases that may not be possible. We work with 200+ different hotels and some may unfortunately close doors after this summer. In those few cases, we will contact you to offer you a suitable replacement option.

As always, we will continue to work hard to ensure fair and sustainable pricing throughout the area, for both our customers and partners. We will do our best to keep the prices as originally booked in 2020 or 2021. However, some hotels have undergone renovation during this time and prices may fluctuate slightly. If the price difference is substantial, we will contact you to let you decide whether you want to keep the same accommodation and cover the price difference or move to a different hotel.

Once your booking has been moved to 2022, you will receive an updated booking confirmation. We will aim to have these sent out by the end of Summer.

Can I change accommodation?

If you wish to change your accommodation or need to add or remove people from your booking and therefore move to a bigger / smaller room, you will be able to pick a different accommodation (subject to availability) when tickets for 2022 go on sale in October. If you wish to change your accommodation, please contact us before the end of September.

Will my extras remain valid for the new date?

All extras except transfers will remain on your booking. This applies to all extras such as Gjipe Tickets, Grama Bay Excursion, Porto Palermo Excursion & Shuttle Bus passes. If you wish to make any changes to your extras please contact us via email.

What will happen with my transfers?

If you have booked transfers, these will be automatically removed from your booking along with the associated costs. Once we release the new transfer options for September 2022, you will be able to book them via the 'manage booking' page. We will email you when these become available on October 8th.

When is my balance due?

If you decide to move your booking to 2022, the payment deadline will be 31st March 2022. This means that you will be able to keep your booking until that date without having to make any further payments. Should you change your mind, you will be able to cancel your booking at any time before that date and you would only lose the deposit.

Will you refund my package in full?

Yes, we will refund you the entirety of your booking minus the booking fee of £10 per person.

The booking fee covers part of the cost of the staff and the infrastructure required to provide our booking service, as well as the payment card-processing fees that we incur on each transaction, both on the original payment as well as the refund.

Any other items on your booking, such as extras, accommodation, and wristband will be refunded.

Where would refunds be sent to?

Most refunds will be sent to the card that you used to pay for your booking. Eg. If your group paid over 10 instalments with 5 different cards, the refund will come back to those 5 cards in 10 payments.

However, some transactions were made through Wirecard, a payment system that is no longer in use. In those cases, we will refund you those amounts via bank transfer to a designated person in the group - we recommend that you use the lead passenger for this.

The total amount received across all passengers will add up to the total refund. Please bear in mind that you may need to transfer some amounts between yourselves. We cannot be held accountable for any funds not distributed correctly within your groups. If you have concerns about your funds being transferred to the lead passenger, please contact us on [email protected] before July 8th to discuss a different arrangement - this may delay the process for your group.

If you are unsure of the amounts paid towards your booking, you can check the transaction history on manage booking. Log in with your email and booking ID, head to 'info' and then scroll to the bottom to review the payment records.


When can I expect the money to arrive?

All the refunds will be processed by August 16th. You will receive a confirmation email once your refund has been processed to let you know it’s coming.

Please note that refunds may not reach your account in one lump sum. We need to refund every single transaction so this will depend on how many payments you made to us. Transactions will be processed in chronological order which means some payments may arrive several days before the others, so please be patient if there seem to be any amounts missing. Once all the payments have been refunded, we will send you an email to confirm this and let you know the money is on the way.

What should I do if I have not received my refund or if my refund received is incorrect?

If by the end of August you have not received your refund or the refund confirmation email, please contact us via email and we will assist in getting your funds back to you as quickly as possible.

If you believe the amount you have received is incorrect, contact us via email and we will send a breakdown of the refunds. Please note the amount may not arrive in one lump sum and that the payments may arrive several days apart. Once all the payments made towards your booking have been refunded, we will send you an email to confirm this and let you know the money is on the way.

What happens if I have changed cards or bank?

We are only able to process refunds to the card or bank account you paid with. If your card is no longer in use, you may need to contact the bank to arrange for this to be cleared.

Why is the booking fee non-refundable?

The booking fee of £10 per person covers part of the cost of the staff and the infrastructure required to provide our booking service, as well as the payment card-processing fees that we incur on each transaction, both on the original payment as well as the refund.

I didn’t receive the email with the cancellation information.

The emails have been sent out to the addresses that were listed on your booking at the time. Please check your spam folder. Alternatively, you can ask the lead passenger to log in to manage booking to verify which email address has received the email. If you have not received an email please contact [email protected] Note we are asking for only one form submission per group, and that is the lead passenger who needs to do this.

How to change or refund your flights

If you have already booked flights, please contact the airline directly and refer to their websites for further information on their booking policies.